We brought Jordyn to FFCWC to see if Dr. Ferguson might be able to help with her allergies and to make sure her body is adjusting to her growth spurts. Her allergy suffering has been greatly reduced and best of all she has not had to take any allergy medications! Jordyn is doing well, enjoys her visits to Dr. Ferguson’s office and even at her age recognizes that her adjustments keep her feeling good. We would and do recommend FFCWC to others, they are a very family friendly staff and practice.

  Jordyn S. age 6 

I brought Destiny in because her cranial bones were misshapen from birth. With Dr. Amanda’s help, the bones slowly regained their normal shape and now they’ve returned to normal. Dr. Amanda did some cranial adjusting on her as well as fixed her spine and she’s been doing very good. I still bring her in every other week for wellness checks and recommend my friends and family do the same with themselves and their kids!

Destiny S. 6 months

We brought Mikayla to Ferguson Family Chiropractic because she had been experiencing some headaches and allergy symptoms. Thanks to Dr. Ferguson’s help, Mikayla is now feeling better without having to use any medications at home. Her headaches have decreased and allergy symptoms have been almost eliminated. Mikayla enjoys going to the chiropractor and always feels better afterwards. We recommend Ferguson Family Chiropractic to all of our friends and family.

Mikayla S. age 10