Applied Kinesiology

Basic Overview of Applied Kinesiology:

Applied KinesiologyApplied kinesiology (AK) is an examination system that augments a doctor’s standard examination with the evaluation of structural, chemical and mental aspects of health. Kinesiology is the study of the anatomy, physiology and mechanics of body movement. AK makes use of these basic sciences in evaluating health.

Muscle testing is not new; it has been and is an important part of standard neurologic examination to determine how the nervous system controls muscles. AK has found through muscle testing that many aspects influencing health can cause muscle function to change from normal.

From the beginning of health care history, doctors have observed what can be called the body language of health and disease. Examples of body language are skin color, eye movements, fingernails, posture, fat deposition location, hair quality, body movement and other factors the astute physician observes, feels, hears and smells during an examination. The doctor combines this information with the findings from physical, neurologic, orthopedic, mental, laboratory and other assessments to determine what is causing the loss of optimal health. With applied kinesiology a doctor has expanded body language analysis and testing that broaden the information used to make a decision about a patient’s health problem.

Applied kinesiology stresses that there are three factors forming an equilateral triangle that must be kept in balance to maintain health: structural, chemical and mental/spiritual – a triad of health. If one or more sides of the triad become deficienct, diminished health is the result. Failure to correct the deficiency causes further imbalances; eventually all three sides of the triad become involved and there is further decline in health.

The above information was taken from “Applied Kinesiology – An Extra Step in Health Care Examination.” Published in Pueblo, Colorado by Systems DC.

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